Are you ready to take your pizza making to the next level?

Is there anything that could make you more admired by friends and family than serving perfectly cooked authentic sourdough pizzas?

Imagine the bubbled, lightly charred crust and the bright red tangy tomato sauce. The soft, creamy mozzarella. The aroma of fresh, bright green Basil leaves scattered on top.


It looks like a work of art.

Friends and family grab slices with their fingers and quickly make noises of delight as they devour your handywork.

You are a hero. But not just any hero. A pizza hero! 

Whether you are making your pizzas in an outdoor oven or just in your normal kitchen oven, our sourdough pizza dough balls and part-baked pizza bases will give you exactly what you need to create this very scene. 

Our artisan bakery in North Yorkshire makes everything fresh daily using high Canadian wheat flour and natural mother yeast. We've got decades of professional pizza making experience and we're delighted to be able to share our knowledge with you to help you make your own stunning pizzas.

No previous experience? Not a problem.

You'll receive full instructions with your order on how to prepare and serve your pizzas to get the very best from your dough. And we guarantee you won't taste better!

Happy pizza making! 🍕😀👌