Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pizza Oven For You

June 17, 2022

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pizza Oven For You

If you’re looking to get the very best out of your home pizza making experience, then having a pizza oven that will give you the best results is essential.

In recent years there has been an explosion in the popularity of domestic pizza ovens, many of which are now capable of producing top quality pizzas that can rival many restaurants.

Many recently released models offer a super useful combination of portability, space efficiency and the ability to cook an authentic looking and tasting pizzas in just a few minutes.

No longer are top quality pizzas something you have to visit a restaurant to enjoy!

So if you’re planning to get join the pizza making action, which ovens should you consider looking at buying?


Firstly, there are 3 main fuels that different ovens will use.

  • Wood pellets.
  • Wood logs
  • Portable gas bottle


Wood pellets offer a really easy way to get a wood fired taste into your pizzas and are relatively inexpensive to buy. You simply add the pellets to a hopper attached to the oven and within 15 minutes or so you are ready to cook. Definitely recommended for those who want the ability to cook pizzas with a wood fired taste fast.

Wood logs. Many different types of wood can be used although Oak is probably the most common. Wood logs are what many restaurants use and are only suitable for larger pizza ovens. They are a little tricky to use but give a wonderful ‘theatre’ to the whole pizza making experience in the right oven and make amazing tasting pizzas.

Gas pizza ovens have become increasingly popular and offer a superb way to cook pizzas quickly and easily without any residue or mess afterwards. Many home pizza ovens have gas burner options and this is well worth considering, especially if you are planning to use your pizza oven on a regular basis. You simply attach the gas bottle to the oven, turn the oven on and you are ready to cook in 15-20 minutes.


Which oven brands are the best and what do you need to consider when making your choice?

We would recommend choosing between 3 main brands which in our opinion are the market leaders at present.

Ooni. Probably the market leader in portable pizza ovens, Ooni have created a fantastic range of patio pizza ovens that are easy to use, stylish, versatile and cook authentic looking pizzas. They offer both wood pellet and gas burner fuelled options as well as all the accessories you will ever need to become a pizza legend! Our top pick is the Karu 12 multi fuel pizza oven which offers everything you will need to entertain friends and family on those warm sunny days where pizza is the only choice! The only downside is availability of stock due to their increasing popularity. So if you get chance to get your hands on one, snap it up!

Gozney. These guys are one of the best known names in commercial wood fired ovens with many professional pizza restaurants using their handmade ovens. Luckily for us amateurs they have been good enough to develop a range of domestic pizza ovens using their many years of experience. The 2 options to consider are the Roccbox and the Dome ovens. Roccbox is a great compact oven that can run on wood or gas and offers super quality cooking at a good price point of around £400. It’s well made and needs little maintenance. A definite consideration if you’re wanting a good oven at a good price. Their other domestic option that is worth a look is the Dome. This is a stunning looking oven which is basically a compact version of one of their professional ovens. It comes with its own stand and uses wood to give amazing cooking theatre and taste to your pizza making. It holds its heat brilliantly well, so if you’re planning to cook several pizzas at once on a regular basis and are planning to take your pizza making pretty seriously, this is well worth looking at. Priced at around £1,100 you need to be sure you’ll get good use from it, but it won’t disappoint if you plan on using it a lot. It’ll also cook fabulous steaks, roasted vegetables and pretty much anything else you can think of that will fit inside it!

Delivita. These guys are a real class act and all their ovens are hand-crafted in Yorkshire, of all places! With a traditional clay interior and available in a range of colours, these wood-fired beauties will not only make fantastic pizzas but also provide some great aesthetic pleasure and theatre to your garden. Light enough to fit onto a worktop, once lit they are ready to use in around 30 minutes and will get up to temperatures of 500c, which is ideal for making Neopolitan style pizzas that look incredible. At around £1,400 they are at the top end price wise, but this is a reflection of their build quality and for the serious pizza enthusiast will represent good value over time.


If you’re new to pizza making and deciding which oven to go for, hopefully the information here will help guide you to the right choice. Whichever one you end up owning, we’re sure you’ll never look back. You’ll never ring the local takeaway again!


Once you’ve chosen your oven, you’ve made the first step to becoming a pizza hero. But you’ll need to use a great dough to get the very best out of your oven. You can of course make your own, but if you’re looking for a consistently easy way to make exceptional pizzas then why not consider using our range of top quality pizza dough balls and part-baked bases. They’ve been developed to work perfectly in all outdoor domestic pizza ovens and are the ideal way to get the most from your investment. They’re easy to use, made with the finest quality ingredients and shipped straight to your front door.

Amazing pizza made easy!

Order yours today here.

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