6 Amazing Autumn Pizza Toppings

September 15, 2022

6 Amazing Autumn Pizza Toppings

Using seasonal ingredients for your Autumnal Pizza making

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the nation's favourite foods and there is no question that we like to enjoy it all year round, but what if we tailored our pizza toppings to the seasons? This would not only lead to some delicious new pizza ideas, but also allow us to benefit from fresher, tastier and more nutritious food as it hasn't travelled so far. Seasonal ingredients tend to be lower in carbon and emissions meaning not only can we enjoy fresh food, we can also help the planet, too.

Keeping this idea in mind, we wanted to explore some of Autumn’s best seasonal foods and how they’d hold up on a pizza. We’ve picked 6 ingredients that are in season in October. So, let’s dig in…

Beetroot. Beetroot is a delicious root vegetable, in the UK, beetroot is grown on the fertile soils of the Cambridgeshire Fens. We think beetroot can taste marvellous on a pizza, especially if paired with a soft cheese like Goat’s cheese or Feta. Add some caramelised red onion and rosemary and you’ve got a gorgeous, rich, indulgent pizza!

Jerusalem artichokes. The best way to grow Jerusalem artichokes is by planting the tubers in early Spring, however if you haven’t grown your own, you can easily find these in most supermarkets in the UK. Sometimes they are preserved in a jar, which makes them easier to add to your pizza. You can add these to pretty much any pizza and they’ll add a nutty, sweet taste, however we think they pair very well with mushrooms, pine nuts and even Italian Ham.

Mushrooms. Mushrooms are possibly one of the most popular toppings to add to pizza all year round, however if you’re aiming to shop seasonally, Autumn is a great time to buy mushrooms. Have them as a standalone topping (pre-cook them with garlic and herbs for extra wow-factor), and use a variety of species to add different textures and flavours, or couple them with some juicy olives for a delicious veggie pizza. Some of the mushroom varieties you could try include; Chicken of the woods (which is very like chicken in texture), Shiitake, Mitake, or Oyster mushrooms.  They also taste great alongside caramelised onion, spinach or rocket (all of which are also in season in Autumn).

Leeks. At its best from November through to April, the British leek is a fantastically versatile vegetable that adds flavour and bite. As you may have noticed, we think Autumn is a great time for all things caramelised, and Leeks bear no expectation to this. Caramelising foods gives them a sweet, warm flavour that bodes well in the colder months, and also ties in with the theme of bonfire night and Caramel apples (a fruit which is also in season in Autumn). A great way to incorporate Leeks into your pizza making is to caramelise them and drizzle maple syrup or a spiced honey over the top. Try it, you’ll be amazed at how tasty this pizza is!

Potatoes. That’s right, the good old British potato can be a fabulous addition to your pizza! This simple pizza style of sliced potatoes on thin dough originated in Italy, where it is called pizza con patate. It is popular in Rome, but there are regional variations that include sauce or cheese. Try adding a white sauce to this pizza as opposed to the more common tomato base and see what you think!

Winter Squash. Winter squash varieties include butternut squash and pumpkins, which, as you may have already guessed, are perfectly in season in Autumn and Winter! There are many different ways you could incorporate these delicious vegetables onto your pizza, but some suggestions we love are: Winter Squash and Prosciutto, Pumpkin and Feta or Butternut, Goats Cheese and Garlic. A top tip for more delicious Squash is to pre-roast it with a little chilli and garlic before adding it to your pizza.

So, there you have it! Some inspiration for your Autumn pizza making. If you decide to add any of these ingredients to your home made pizzas, please do send us photos and let us know what you think. We love seeing your creations!

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