February 28, 2024

Pre-stretched, part-baked pizza bases

We all love a good restaurant quality pizza, but what if you could make your own version at home with zero hassle and for a fraction of the cost?

Our pre-stretched, part-baked pizza bases are a game changer that will not only save you money on expensive takeaways and restaurant bills, but come with numerous benefits baked right in that make them perfect for any home pizza maker. So if you’re new to the game, looking for the best way to get your pizza making journey started, or have been making your own pizza at home for years and want to save on prep time for your next pizza gathering, here are 5 reasons why part baked, pre-stretched bases are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

1. They are very easy to use. We know that making your own dough (or even trying our Sourdough dough balls) is one option for making great pizza at home, but making the stuff from scratch is a tricky business. Heck, even rolling out a dough ball by hand is a skill in and of itself. That’s not to say making dough and shaping your pizza bases isn’t satisfying - it really is, and mastering the art can be a whole lot of fun – but this is where pre-stretched part-baked bases come into their own. Not only have they been pre-cooked in a pizza oven and therefore have great taste and texture baked in, but all you need to do to create delicious pizza is load them up with a good sauce and your favourite toppings.


2. They’re extremely convenient. Another reason to pick part-baked bases over dough balls is an obvious but very important one… convenience. They can be stored in your freezer and will defrost in less than 15 minutes, freeing you up to prepare your sauce and toppings before loading them on. Not only that, but the bases cook perfectly in both outdoor pizza and domestic kitchen ovens. While it’s always recommended to use a pizza stone or steel in the latter (domestic ovens can’t get up to the same high temperatures as dedicated pizza ovens), when all is said and done, you can have yourself a fully baked, restaurant quality pizza in as little as 3 minutes. Now if that doesn't make pizza the perfect mid-week, easy meal, then we don’t know what does!


3. They let you unleash your creativity. Pizza is all about creativity, breaking with convention and trying new things, and one thing we love most about part-baked bases is that they are a blank canvas to express yourself with. They give you the chance to be outlandishly creative with your toppings, all without the hassle of using a dough ball. If you’ve ever wanted to try something a bit different on your pizza but are worried about spending all that time making it and getting it wrong, our part baked bases will give you the confidence you need to get the Nutella out at 9pm for that late-night snack and make that dessert pizza you’ve always wanted to try.


4. You’ll make a lot less mess! If you’re an experienced pizza maker, there’s no doubt that the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about making pizza at home is the mess. We’ve all been there. You commit yourself to making a delicious pizza from scratch and before you know it there is flour on every surface of the kitchen, the kids, your forehead and even the dog. The great thing about pre-stretched bases is that they don’t make a mess of your kitchen and don’t need flouring! Need we say more? The only thing better than a delicious homemade pizza is one that comes with a clean kitchen.


5. They can save you a fortune. With a pack of part-baked bases in your arsenal, gone are the days where your only option after a long, stressful day at work is to shell out for an expensive takeaway. You (and your wallet) deserve better than that! The bases can be kept in your freezer for months, ready and waiting to make an easy ‘lifesaver’ meal at the drop of a hat. And not only that, but the dough that goes into making the bases is fermented for 48 hours to develop a great texture and flavour, giving them that “restaurant quality” edge that no stodgy takeaway pizza, over-laden with toppings as they usually are, can hold a candle to.

So, next time you’re thinking about creating an easy, tasty pizza at home that cooks as well in a pizza oven as it does your domestic oven, try our part-baked bases. We promise you won’t regret it.

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