5 Incredible pro secrets that will turbocharge your home pizza making (Number 2 is a gamechanger!)

November 30, 2022

Homemade Pizza Club Secrets of the professionals

Are you looking to take your homemade pizza making to a new level and wow your friends and family?

Would you like to save yourself money on expensive takeaways and meals out by learning the pizza making secrets that restaurants don’t want you to know?

Then read on to learn some pro tips that will have you making professional standard pizzas in no time at a fraction of the cost…


  1. Use Fior Di Latte cheese NOT shop bought grated mozzarella. Fior Di Latte cheese is a delicate and semi-soft Italian cheese which is a much better choice for your pizza making than grated mozzarella from supermarkets, which generally doesn’t melt well, doesn’t have much flavour and can be prone to overbrowning and dryness. Great pizza deserves a great cheese, so go the extra mile and buy some quality Fior Di Latte cheese for your next pizza making session.
  2. Ferment your dough for up to 5 days in the fridge. Fermentation is the magical process that happens when yeast starts to feed off carbohydrates and sugars in the flour, producing alcohol and carbon dioxide, which gives you the flavour and texture you want in your pizza. Fermentation can be done 2 ways.

       -At room temperature in a short period of time

        -In the fridge over a slower period of time. (this is known as ‘retarding fermentation’)

 The secret that expert pizza makers know is that cold fermentation for a longer period of time is how to make pizza that has much superior flavour and texture. With a dough made with a good flour, you can keep your dough in the fridge for up to 5 days before bringing it to room temperature and using it. Just this one tip will raise your pizza game massively.

  1. Pre-cook your tomato sauce to bring out more flavour. A great sauce makes the difference between a good pizza and a great one! Try lightly frying some garlic and onions before adding in some good quality tomatoes, a little salt and pepper and simmering for around 20 minutes. This concentrates the tomato flavour and makes a more intense sauce. Once done, blend your sauce in a blender and allow to cool before using. As an extra tip, if you want to be really adventurous, try adding in some vegetable bouillon powder to your sauce during cooking. It adds an amazing zingy taste!
  2. Pre-cook your vegetable toppings before adding to your pizza. Toppings such as mushrooms, peppers, onions, courgettes, aubergines and even butternut squash can be used as delicious toppings on pizza. Roasting, grilling or frying them before adding them to your pizza can add a deeper level of flavour to them and enhance your finished pizza considerably. Try roasting some mushrooms with garlic, salt, pepper and some fresh thyme. It's heavenly!
  3. Use the 5 taste elements to balance flavours on your pizza. There are 5 flavour elements that can be used in cookery. Salty, Sour, Bitter, Sweet and Umami. Getting a good balance of these flavours through different topping combinations can be a great way of making unique pizzas that excite your palette. For a suggestion that uses all 5 flavours, try this delicious combination.
  • Caramelised onions for sweetness
  • Parma Ham for saltiness
  • Rocket (added after cooking) for Bitterness
  • Parmesan cheese for savoury Umami flavour
  • As a finishing touch, a lemon and Olive oil dressing drizzled over your pizza after it has come out of the oven will add some sourness to complete a flavour balancing act that will make your taste buds think they’ve died and gone to heaven!


Now you’re feeling inspired with some pro ‘secrets’ to great pizza making, you’ll need a great dough. You can make this yourself, but if you want the quickest easiest way to make showstopping pizza and become a pizza hero, have you thought about trying our sourdough pizza dough balls or part-baked bases?

Made with Canadian Wheat flour and fragrant Mother Yeast, they are made using a closely guarded recipe that gives you the perfect way of making your own delicious homemade pizzas.

Delivered straight to your door with full instructions to help you make incredible pizza in no time!

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